Stephanie Carpenter

Stephanie Carpenter is a graduate student at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and is participating in the online MLIS program there. She is interested in increasing her knowledge about cost-effective technology to create and maintain universally accessible services for public library users. Upon completion of her MLIS degree, Stephanie hopes to continue working in rural libraries and serving the needs of patrons in such institutions through skills developed with Project ALFA. In addition, she hopes to share concepts and ideas involving universal access with other rural libraries, which may also face the challenge of having limited funding and training opportunities.

Stephanie holds a BA in Communication from Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and a state Certification of Librarianship. She is the Director of the Woods Memorial Library in Barre, Massachusetts, along with several associated professional library involvements. Stephanie is also a participating member of the Barre Historical Society, and is instrumental is assisting that organization with its programming and technology needs. She is also a current member of the New England Library Association.

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picture of Stephanie Carpenter