Scott Jankowski

Since surviving an ischemic stroke several years ago that rendered him speechless and unable to read, Scott has grown immensely from his disability. After returning to school and pursuing a history degree, from Wayne State, he began to delve into research. Scott completed a research project on disabled soldiers after the American Civil War, revealing issues with the soldiers’ mental and physical state that are still prominent today. His new exploration carried him to a graduate education at Wayne State in the School of Library and Information Science and a concentration of archival administration.

In addition to volunteering with the Friendship Circle, JARC, and Children’s Hospital, Scott has also joined the Students for New Learning on campus and helped found the Detroit Disability Justice Group in order to promote disability awareness and inclusion. By joining Project ALFA, Scott hopes to improve the universal access for the disabled by making informational sources easily and efficiently available. Furthermore, he wants to promote an open dialogue between people with and without disabilities in order to break down societal stereotypes.

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picture of Scott Jankowski