Elizabeth Thornburg

Elizabeth Thornburg, native of Southern California, was told from an early age that she should be something "practical," a teacher or librarian. She had dreams of being something more exotic, like a Forensic Anthropologist or a Coroner's assistant, until a couple of semesters on this track showed her that it was going to lead her right back into the less-than-exotic profession of teaching. She graduated from the Art Institute of California with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design in 2006. A fateful conversation with a curator friend led her to take a fresh look at Library Science, and in 2011 she enrolled at Wayne State University in the SLIS program. She intends to use the tools learned in Project ALFA to approach the archives profession with equal access as a core value. Elizabeth is proud to be an ALFA fellow and looks forward to serving the extra-legally ably-challenged (ELAC) community.

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picture of Elizabeth Thornburg